Facials, Treatments & Peels

Our facials are designed to bring out the natural beauty in all skin types. We will work with you to reach your skin care goal with personalized facials, treatments, peels and the finest products for home care use. Most facials include a hand and shoulder massage.
Hydrating Facial $65.00
Designed to balance and restore your skins healthy vitality. Infuses dry, dehydrated skin with long-lasting moisture.

Clear Skin Facial $65.00

Clear Skin Teen Facial (no massage) $45.00
An excellent facial for acne or acne-prone skin. Clears and removes pore blockage, deeply cleanses the skin and effectively treats breakouts.

Rejuvenate and Lift Facial $70.00
Firms the look of facial contours and visibly smooths fine lines and hyper-pigmentation. Clears pores and deep down impurities. Skin will look noticeably younger.

Enyzme and Vitamin C Facial $75.00
Dissolves dulling , dry skin cells and helps minimize lines and wrinkles. Lifts away unwanted pigment while it smooth's, brightens and evens skin tone.

GlySalLac 32% Treatment $50.00
Minimize visible imperfections within minutes. Enjoy the age-fighting, pore clearing and skin smoothing results from this 30 minute treatment.

AHAMINOPLEX Resurfacing Peel $50.00
This peel stimulates new collagen and helps to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, lighten hyper pigmentation without any irritation. This is a 30 minute treatment.

Detoxifying Facial $70.00
Designed to refresh and renew skin that has been exposed to climate change, jet travel, air pollution or tobacco smoke.

Cell Actif Plus Facial $95.00
This amazing facial will activate, hydrate and rejuvenate the skin within minutes. Transforms skin by intensifying moisture, minimizing pores, puffiness and lines. Refines smoothness and tone. Awakens skins radiance and clarity. Start your skin acting younger today. (70 minute)

Beautiful Back Treatment $40.00
A quick fix to back breakouts. Your back is deeply cleanses, exfoliated, and masqued to produce visible results. (45 minute)

Norwegian Sea Facials

These unique facials are from the underwater rainforests of the Norwegian Sea.

Superfruit $85.00
The potent antioxident power of Superfruits: Acai, Gogi berry and pomegranate. They jumpstart the skins natural resilience and ward off free radicals, a prime cause of wrinkling, sun spots, discoloration and lack of elasticity in the skin.

Blueberry & Honey $85.00
Drench your skin with long lasting moisture for instant comfort and glow. Dramatically plumps out lines, surface wrinkles and crepe-prone skin for hours of age-fighting hydration. Smells good enough to eat.